About SynchroServe

SynchroServe is a skill development organization funded by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) setup by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. GE/ Genpact Alumni established SynchroServe in year 2008 with the objective of Making More and More People Employable and Empowering the Employed . SynchroServe is an as an organization we strive to expand the hiring pool to prepare a long-term supply chain with strategic initiatives by training talent at different levels and locations using various training models.

Vision & Mission

Making people employable!

In sync with reality – well defines our motto and us. Real expectations of Clients are met with by very few organizations and we are proud to be a part of the very few. Our leadership team comprises an eminent team of entrepreneurs, part of the GE/ Genpact Alumni, whose rich experience in the industry paved way for our success. They have together 100 years of invaluable experience in the services industry. With subject matter expertise in various fields, the organization is poised to take the service industry by storm across the Manufacturing, BPO/ITES, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Finance, Insurance and IT space. The company strongly believes in utilizing the extensive experience and knowledge base of its leadership team, which can implement customized solutions that will enhance Leadership Management, Change Management, Self and Performance Excellence.

Each member of SynchroServe continues to enhance their expertise & find new ways of applying it, thus making significant contribution to our customers. This approach to business fosters an atmosphere of new and exciting ideas and keeps us on the leading edge of training services. We have highly developed innovative training solutions & methodology that are industry specific. We aim to empower aspiring individuals, enabling them to reach their goals and find their dream job.


Core Values

Value Proposition

▪ SynchroServe is NSDC’s one of the TOP 10 partners
▪ 11 +Years of Skilling Experience
▪ Skilled over 130,000 people, so far with single mission of Creating Social Impact
▪ Its large presence, 16 states, 200 centers across the country
▪ Professionally Managed Company with utmost integrity and values
▪ Depth of leadership -100 years collective Industry experience of its Leadership
▪ State Level Engagements with Various Skilling missions
▪ Strong Industry /Corporate linkages
▪ Ability Attract and Mobilize
▪ Process Oriented -6 Sigma /Lean
▪ Technology Agnostic
▪ High Integrity –GE Heritage